Why is the Thai papaya salad tied the world?


Jul 30, 2020

Last week, Lonely Planet, the world's most influential travel media. Introducing the book introducing the ultimate place of dreams and delicious food from foodies around the world or Ultimate Eatlist. Somtum in Bangkok. Attached to the 5th place in the ranking of all 500 places. The 1st place is the Pinchos, the hors d'oeuvres of the Spanish region The tasting places of this type of food are in San Sebastian, No. 2 is Laksa in Kuala Lumpur, No. 3 is Sushi in Tokyo, No. 4 is Fat Steak in Texas.
Of course, in 500 foods and places Not only papaya salad is a must-miss Thai food of the world. But many people may wonder why papaya salad is becoming the number 1 Thai food instead of the world-famous things like Tom Yam Kung or Pad Thai?
Many people may not know that Now, papaya salad is becoming a new trend of Thai food among foreigners. If you look at the clips on YouTube, you will find many Som Tum Reviews. Both at restaurants in Thailand and abroad
But for foreigners who are probably most aware of Somtam's popularity, Andy Trick Chef and the owner of Pok Pok, a famous Thai restaurant in the United States. Ricky used to live and travel in Thailand for decades. After that, he went back to opening his own Thai restaurant in 2005, with Ricky focusing on authentic Thai food. No taste alterations to please Americans But the result made Pok Pok shop famous as fireworks And traditional Thai food is becoming increasingly popular
As a special expert in northern food One of the signature items at Pok Pok is Khao Soi and Laab. But the other hero of the restaurant is papaya salad which the restaurant's recipe book describes as the papaya salad of the central region
However, triggered an interview with The Splendid Table: The most outstanding dish (Coming from the northeast) may be papaya salad or papaya salad Or as people in that area call Tam Tam. This different explanation Is because the papaya salad in the triggering shop has both papaya salad eaten with rice Or papaya salad with central region And the northeastern season
Website eatkunedo.com Regarding food diversity, explain that Pok Pok is authentic in itself, because the word Pok Pok is a word that has no meaning in the Thai language. Is just the sound of a pounding papaya salad only And is used instead of the word papaya salad Because Thai people think that the word Pok Pok will be easier to understand for foreigners
The authentic Thai papaya salad recipe Triggers are very popular. To the extent that the formula is published on various websites Until his name almost becomes one with papaya salad and Pok Pok
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