Commerce joins agricultural exports Push Thai food into world food


Jul 30, 2020

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce revealed during the opening ceremony of Thai food, world food under the vision of Agriculture, Produce, Commerce Market that Thailand is currently the 11th highest value food exporter of The world and have a chance to rise to a higher rank Even though Thailand has faced the global economic problems
Trade war, baht appreciation And the latest, Covid-19 But the export of food can still move forward, including vegetables, fruits, frozen seafood, frozen chicken, canned tuna, etc. Thai exports are rising to the 4th place in the world
For the factors that support Thai food to be world food are Thailand is an agricultural country, with raw materials, processing and marketing, not any other country. From now, will encourage entrepreneurs to increase the value of Thai food with technology and innovation. Continue to do aggressive marketing by maintaining the original market. Add new markets And revitalize the old market
By marketing, there will be a provincial commerce as a salesman. And at the national level, there are commercial diplomats That will help jointly market with the private sector, both offline and online as well as to accelerate the promotion and development of logistics capabilities To promote domestic and export markets Including improving the rules and regulations that are an obstacle And move forward to enter into trade agreements For Thailand to have a commercial advantage And prepare to push for Thai food after the crisis, Covid-19.
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