Benefits of Thai food


Jul 29, 2020

Thai food is suitable for Health is that Thai people like to eat rice with a side dish that has at least 2-3 foods in the deck. Thai side dishes have a variety of types of food. Thai people can rotate the menu a lot, so Thai food in each meal can be considered a food that has almost all groups. Resulting in receiving quite a complete amount of nutrients
From the analysis of the values ​​of popular local Thai food of each region, it is found that the nutritional value suitable for 1 meal is that the amount of energy received is not too much. And the proportion of energy that Derived from the main nutrients in the appropriate criteria
Aside from the benefits of Thai food Nutritional Using natural sources to help in food preparation, such as using colors from flowers, leaves, using papaya to make meat loaf Using lime water makes the food crispy, these substances in addition to helping the food. There are flavors and beautiful colors. These things are considered safer to use. Various synthetic substances
Another distinctive feature of Thai food is The use of different types of spices. Because aside from causing the food to have the desired flavor and smell Most of them also have medicinal properties such as garlic. It has a mild effect in lowering blood lipid levels, lowering blood pressure. And in vitro studies have shown that it can inhibit cancer
Fresh peppers can inhibit the contraction of blood vessels. Ginger has anti-inflammatory effect. Lemongrass helps to lower blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of Mareng. Therefore, it can be seen that Thai food is a healthy food, both in terms of nutritional value. The nutrition and value of herbs that are truly derived from Thai vegetables and spices
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